Celebrating the Everyday Nigerian Women of Honour

by Nero Ughwujabo

When you develop a woman, you develop a whole community. We celebrate the ‘ordinary’ everyday women as we mark International Womens Day.

womens day

In families, communities and cities across our nation, there are women, ‘ordinary’, ‘everyday’ women without whom our society would crumble.  Today, on International Womens Day, we want to let them know that there is nothing ordinary about them.  These are the women standing up against extraordinary challenges to keep their families together.

The woman is the cradle of civilisation and the custodians of our languages, cultures and traditions.  They are possessed of immense strength and courage in a country where the vast majority of them live in abject poverty.  We must recognise and celebrate their resilience as they toil to make a difference in their children’s lives as well as in the wider society.

You are all wonderful women of honour and we celebrate you.

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