What Should a Progressive Government Implement?

Liberate – Delta People’s Movement published a report in June, exploring expectations of a progressive government.   The publication titled ‘Nigeria 2015-2019 What Should a Progressive Government Implement?’ is a compilations of views from citizens on a 15 key topics, following the election of the All Progressive Congress (APC) into government.  and was commend it to the government of Nigeria and to the citizens of Nigeria.
The editor’s of the publication, Mr Nero Ughwujabo and Stephen Dieseruvwe put out the following statement:

We hope that this report is the start of a debate.  At the presidential elections of 2015, Nigeria elected a progressive government for the first time since 1993 following the annulment of the Moshood Abiola (Social Democratic Party) victory.

Following one of a most trying time for Nigeria and one of the most unpredictable elections in the history of Nigeria, a democratic handover is set to take place for the first time.

It will be a monumental task to set down clear priorities to begin the process of restoring pride and place of Nigeria and setting a new direction for progressive change in the country.

Numerous challenges face the nation, from security concerns, to corruption, inequality and abject poverty. We need to begin to identify not just immediate changes that can be achieved but more importantly, the longterm path of progressive reforms.

This collection of essays captures the views of some of our key thinkers to bring together the priorities for achieving real progressive change across a range of policy areas. It is the start of what we believe will be the start of much needed conversation and debates across the country, aiding the government in the daunting task of beginning to shape the path to a more progressive Nigeria.

Front-page-photosThe publication has contributions from Otive Igbuzor, Frank Ofili, Jaye Gaskia, Eddy Aghanenu, Daniel Amrohore, Elvis V Onovughe, Edward Ekemere, Greg Ekhator, Monday Agbonze, Adefolarin Olamilekan, Gradeone Henry, Tracy Adole, Joseph D Dafimu, Ufuoma Atsiangbe and Tony Osborg.

Each article will be serialised at New Nigeria Post’s Citizens Corner over the coming weeks.


To read the full publication click here

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