Blame Who? by Amaray

Amarya – Recording/Performing Artiste

Amaray is a musician who proved herself to be a pioneer when she sprinkled a taste of contemporary feels into African mix in her 2012 debut Album titled “My Say”.   She has released other popular songs like: “Dreamer, EBI EBI, Oke mgbidi and Riwo Riwo”; earning her a reputation as one of Nigeria’s finest rising voices. Her Video Oke Mgbidi (Directed by Toka Macbaror) won Best Gospel Video Award in the 2013 edition of the NIGERIAN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS(NMVA).

Amaray maintains a multi-faceted career as a recording/performing Artiste, Music Director, Evangelist, Producer, and Writer. She has Performed on stage with Reknowned Local and International Artistes such as Lenny Leblanc, Viki Vilakazi, Da Truth, Panam Percy Paul, Asu Ekiye, Madmo, Frank Edward, Sammy Okposo and others.  She is set to release two singles titled “EBUBE” produced by Fredibeat, and “KILISHI” produced by Patpeaz.

Times without number, I have heard people say: “what’s gonna be is gonna be”, there are others who maintain that what’s gonna be can only be if someone causes it to ‘be’.  I have come to identify with the latter, and this is because, many have abandoned their responsibilities and have hidden under the ‘what will be’ ideology.  They have conveniently resigned their duties as relevant members of the society and have become more or less liabilities.

As a Nigerian, and proudly so, my encounter with everyday people gave rise to this write-up.  The outrage against the leadership is alarming, so much that people blame the government for mosquito bites which could have been avoided by keeping a clean environment.

Meet a market woman or a taxi driver and engage in a conversation about the economic situation of the country, you only need five minutes or less before they tell you that the political leaders are thieves, criminal, unfit for the job, they have not catered for the basic need of the common man…

Well, they might be close to or far from the truth, but this remains a subject for debate.

However, in light of this comes a big question. Who really is the criminal, is it just the politician who did not make good his promise, or the trader who outrageously inflates the price of his goods just because…, or the Taxi man who dubiously takes you through a longer route to your destination because you are unfamiliar with the area, in order to charge a larger fare? (if you have lived in cities like Lagos, Abuja, or Portharcourt, you can relate to this).

How about the immoral religious leader who extorts their gullible followers, by asking for a fee in order to fast and pray for them; or the Oga/Madam depriving their worker of their salaries just beside they consider them expendable and replaceable; or is it the Lawyers who intentionally prolongs a court case so as to increase his/her appearance fee?

I ask again, who is the Criminal here? (By highlighting these, I am not absolving the government of their own part of irresponsibility which is obvious.  Let us not forget that the present day government is a reflection of the family and society at large.

So, this is my humble verdict:  No more Blame Games, no more finger-pointing. Be the change you expect to see. Do not turn a blind eye to another’s predicament.

A line in one of my songs titled “Plus Minus” goes like this: “Everybody needs another to succeed”. So, play your part as a believer in the project called Nigeria.
Say NO to Oppression and Intimidation.
Say NO to deceit and injustice
Say NO to abuse of any kind
And say YES to Truth, Honor, Loyalty, Patriotism, and above all, Love for our Fatherland.

I love Nigeria, and I express it through the music I make; My name is Amaray, and I believe in Nigeria. WHAT ABOUT YOU?


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