Happy New Year – What does 2016 Hold for Nigeria?

New Nigeria Post wishes all Nigerians wherever they may be, a happy 2016.  The new year celebrations offers an opportunity for some reflections on the fortunes or misfortunes of the previous year; but also reflections on the year ahead, what it might bring, and how each individual might act to assure a better year for self and country.  I will not join the prophets of doom predicting hateful fortunes for our nation; as I strongly believe that in Nigeria, progress is possible.  My reading of the political ups and downs of 2015, is that the foundations of a better future are already laid down and in 2016 we will begin to reap the benefits of this.

2015 has seen an extraordinary, though often ignored, participation of the ordinary citizens of Nigeria, in turning the nation towards greater democratic accountability.  Social media has perhaps, played the greatest role in emboldening the populace and providing the platforms, both public and anonymous, to release the spirit of active citizenship that has propelled the nations towards a good governance realignment.  Buhari is a beneficiary of this people’s movement, and I believe he will continue to rely on it as he steers this humongous ship.  Our role as citizens must be to continue active engagement, to support the government of the day and in this sense, providing acknowledgment for the good this it achieves and holding it to account when it takes a wrong step.  Let us work for  GREATER NIGERIA in 2016, building our nation together and enthroning good governance.

A very happy New Year to you all.

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