Criminal Prosecution for Party Candidate

A letter to INEC’s Prof. Mahmood Yakubu by ChangeNGR

Prof. Mahmood Yakubu
The Independent National Electoral Commission
Plot 436 Zambezi Crescent
Maitama District
Abuja FCT

Dear Mr Chairman,

Criminal Prosecution for Party Candidates

We are poised to achieve a new Nigeria through Change Organisation Nigeria. We are therefore calling on your commission under your watch to start recommending criminal prosecution of any Party Candidate that are involved in any form of election malpractices, falsification of results or documents, breaking any of the electoral laws or guidelines for elections, to the appropriate criminal agencies or outright disqualification of such candidate from future elections rather than giving such candidate another opportunity for a rerun or another chance to contest an elections.

Your commission cannot be seen to be encouraging such candidate that has no regard for the rule of law and those that cannot abide by the stipulated guidelines as prescribed by law. The business of INEC goes beyond preparing for elections and announcing results. INEC is a stakeholder in promoting the rule of law and are integral part of nation building.

No society can make progress or function properly without deterrent measures in place and this is what we are demanding from your commission under your watch.

We want to also use this medium to remind the Nigeria People that their power rest on their voter’s card and they should at all times use it to elect credible candidate. The Nigeria voters must exercise their power in the most conscionable way possible. We cannot continue to elect treasury looters into public office.

Lets be clear, Change Organisation Nigeria is on a mission to change the face of democracy in Nigeria by restoring power back to the people.

The excuse of poverty for selling votes is not in any way plausible. When Esau sold his birth right for a pot of porridge he felt the severe consequences and regretted it.

Change Organisation Nigeria is people driven, people oriented and powered by the people. A duly registered non-governmental and non-profit organisation with corporate affairs commission. Our vision and mission is to heal the land and bring succour to the Nigeria people.

God bless Nigeria


Raymond Temisaren
Initiator & Founder
Change Organisation Nigeria

cc: Attorney General & Minister of Justice
cc: Chief Justice of the Federation
cc: The Nigeria Press

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