Campaign is Over by ChangeNGR

We want to make a passionate appeal to this administration that Nigerians
do not want to be reminded of the disastrous 16yrs of PDP rule, which
caused Nigerians so much pain and misery. Hence, Nigerians refused to vote
back PDP and voted for this administration. Therefore we do not want this
administration to continue to remind us and making continuous reference to
those disastrous years as a form of cover. By the way, most players of
this present administration are part of the disaster for the past 16yrs.

The Nigeria people want this administration to be focus on purposeful
leadership, making things work by tackling the problems head-on rather
than complaining. We are no longer in the past. The campaign period where
it was appropriate and normal to complain is over. We repeat, the campaign
is over! Stop keeping Nigerians busy with empty press statements. Action
speaks louder than words!

Nigerians are aware that it takes more time to build than to destroy. What
the Nigeria people will not tolerate from this administration is spurious
lies to lead and deceive Nigerians or flip flop policies. Even though most
of the Nigeria people are docile and prefer to glorify those that have
enslaved them for many years. We will break this chain of slavery and wake
them up from their deep sleep to enable them abandon this career of

It is the responsibility and duty of any government to provide roads,
security, water, housing, healthcare, electricity, pay salaries, etc. This
is the reason Nigerians elected them in order to put these basic amenities
in place. Lets make it clear. A call to service is not a call to enslave
the Nigeria people. Nigerians will not accept such characters any longer
from any governments.

The fact that a few provided some of these things is not by any means to
be glorifying them because this is what they are meant to do. It is not an
achievement whatsoever. It is only a visionary leader that provides extra
ordinary things for the Nigeria people that we can glorify as a people,
which we are yet to see.

Change Organisation Nigeria is here to give actionable voice to the
Nigeria people and return power back to the people where power truly

All patriotic Nigerians should take advantage of the platform and tool we
have created by setting the agenda for government in their communities,
local governments and states. Governance is for the people and by the

This is a clarion call to all well meaning Nigerians to sign up on our
website, follow our activities and key into our vision
for a new Nigeria. This is the least we are asking from Nigerians.

Angels will not come down from heaven to fix our problems and the Elites
that have enslaved the Nigeria people are not willing to let go of power.

Na our hand e dey!

God bless Nigeria


Raymond Temisaren
Initiator & Founder
Change Organisation Nigeria

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