Kano Governor Should Stop 42 Million Naira Spend on Privilleged School

kanoThe Kano chapter of Change Organisation Nigeria is calling on the Kano State Governor to stop the payment of examination registration fee for students at the elite Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School.

Change Organisation Nigeria has watched, with keen interest, the controversy which has pitted the good people of Kano State, especially the ‘TALAKAWAs’, against the Kano State Government.

The sad events which took place a few months back at the Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School is no longer news to any keen observer of national issues, this event, the homosexual molestation of students, led to the shutdown of the school. However, the decision of the Kano State Government to set aside 42 Million Naira for the WAEC registration of the school’s 77 SS3 students have raised heated debates. Change Organisation Nigeria is totally disappointed at this decision as it represents a total disservice to the TALAKAWAs.

It is worth noting that the Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School is a prestigious private school only affordable by the elite, it is therefore unnecessary for the Government to take on the responsibility of registering the students for their final exams. Should the students be absolved of the financial responsibility in registering for the exams, the onus falls on the management of the school which did not put structures in place to stem such a shameful act. By earmarking 42 million Naira for the registration of only 77 students, the Kano State Government is sending a clear signal that it intends to siphone this money to private pockets as the actual amount needed to register the 77 students is far less than the proposed 42 Million.

It may interest the Kano State Government to note that the public schools in the state are in very bad shape and are in desperate need of attention, as their facilities are decrepit, insufficient, or nonexistent, subsidising a prestigious private school when the public schools are decaying due to government abandonment represents a total misplacement of priorities.

We therefore call on the Kano State Government to immediately abandon her plan of spending 42 million Naira on the registration of students of the Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School. Instead, such money should be spent on equipping the public schools and raising the quality of education delivered, these are the schools attended by the TALAKAWAs, and they are the responsibility of the Kano State Government, not the Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School.


Mohammed Danjuma Abdullahi
Kano State Coordinator
Change Organisation Nigeria

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